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Fabric No. 500【Smooth】

Based on the concept of ‘fabrics suitable for light summer wear,’ these fabrics are crafted to be just right for the summer season.

* This was achieved by aiming for the advantages of each of Tieasy’s standard fabrics (see description below) and developing our own fabrics to express a texture that is somewhere in between the two.
-HDCS (High Density Cotton Slub/001) Durable and heavy fabric texture.

– Tieasy ORIGINL (Organic slub cotton/002) Soft and gentle to the touch.

It is knitted with #30 double yarn to give it a slightly thick texture. Unlike Tieasy’s standard fabrics, it is intended to knit evenly and softly. It also has some strength and elasticity.

*When washed, it may shrink slightly (approx. 1 cm). We recommend choosing a slightly larger size.